View Full Version : Trackmate Iridium not recognized

2014.11.24, 10:51 AM
I am using Trackmate Iridium sytem and cannot get zround to recognize the AMBrc decoder.I use it with the trackmate and Laps free software without issues.for some reason the software does not recognize the usb serial AMBrc decoder .If you need me to do any testing I can do it just leat e know what I have to do.Really like the software and wantto use it if its possible for our races.
Thanks for all your work for such a great program.

2014.11.24, 02:13 PM
Try this ...

1) Enter the FULL comm port name (i.e. COM3) in the port edit box on AMBrc/ZRound Settings
2) Check the Activate AMBrc/I-Lap option (serial port option/NOT LAN)
3) Click on "Connect"

Some people has troubles configuring the comm port as they wrote "3" instead of "COM3". COM3 is only an example, your comm port depends on your system installation. Check your COM/Serial setting in your Windows Device Manager.

2014.11.30, 09:01 AM
Thanks that was the Ticket!!! Works like a champ.Now I have to learn the program so I can start using it.Alot of features and things to learn.

2014.11.30, 05:50 PM

Watch the video tutorials ... http://www.zround.com/wiki/doku.php/manuals:videos.

I think they should help you to start working with the championship manager.