View Full Version : UK Very Special MiniZ Offer

2002.08.16, 11:30 AM
I was going to keep this to myself, but then I thought theres no fun in that.

The more people that buy MiniZ in the UK the more chance I have of getting a race with another 11 z'ers

checkout this following site, they have hobby shops all over UK (mainly south) but do mail order aswell (free delivery over 100)


- Viper is 75
- Warsteiner Banez is 79
- selected F1's are 85

Beat that if you can!!!!!!!!!!!!

2002.08.16, 11:33 AM
Before anyone else mentions it selected f1's are actually 89.

But heh, it's still a good offer none the less.

Hope you persuade some friends to buy some.

2002.08.17, 06:06 PM
Hi There,

I see from your post you are in Newcastle area, Just up the road :) I live in Darlington.

Is there anywhere near us to race? get in contact my e-mail is:

Speak to you soon hopefully