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2014.12.03, 12:28 PM
I don't think I properly introduced myself but I am Calvin C and I've recently started to go to the club.

I bought a VE brushless conversion kit and some spare parts to build a new 03 chassis, and I understand that you offer a motor drilling service. If I brought my motor in this weekend, how long do I have to wait before I can get it back?

Also, to complete my spare chassis, I need an MR03W front tie rod and a T plate mount (the little plastic piece). Does anyone have any spares they might be willing to part with? I only need the plastic parts that came with the car (I am using my original in one of my cars, and need a second one for my new car), and as far as I can see they only come in aluminum or a set of multiple if I were to buy them from a shop. I would be willing to pay a small fee (like a dollar or two each?), or barter with other parts if necessary.


2014.12.04, 09:37 AM
MC3 is open once a week, so if you hand in your motor this week you should be able to get it back with the wholes drilled the next race day. I have a front tie rod and some other plastic stock front end parts that you can have. Unfortunately I don't have an extra T-Plate holder, but I'm sure someone will.

2014.12.04, 09:54 AM
Thanks a lot!

2014.12.05, 06:00 PM
Sorry to bother but I was wondering if anyone also had an LM ball diff shaft?