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2002.08.16, 12:21 PM
All the planning is completed .....

The materials have been worked out .....

The cars have been bought .....

And we're about to put it together. The first (correct me if I'm wrong) UK Mini Z Track is about to be born.

Ok .. so it's probably not as dramatic as all that .. but in the space of around a month, me and my Dad (I'm 25 he's going on 13) found out about these things and I've never been able to think about anything else since.

By mid next week we will have the following cars:

F1 David Maclaren
F1 Jordan Honda
Ferrari 360
Warsteiner Merc
Dodge Viper
Black Merc (Plain)

We've also been devleoping our own madular track design and we've eventually got it.

9 8"x4" sheets of Hardboard (used upside down)
Various Lengths of 1 Inch square timber
Garden Hosepipe
15mm Copper Straight Connectors (normally used for plumbing pipes

This gives us a 24" x 12" track surface, and the underside of hardboard has a lovely texture which gives a good grip.

We have drilled a big enough hole through one side of the garden hose and then been able to screw two strips of hose to each piece of timber.

Leaving the hose slightly longer than the timber allows us to use the copper connectors to then simply attach straights together and change angles very easily. Corners are made by bits of hosepipe between the straights & the whole weight of the timber keeps everything in place

We're booking a Large Hall over the road form us for the Bank Hol weekend and we're gonna test it all out.

Will take some pics and also draw some diagrams to put uo on my site www.minizclub.co.uk when I get round to designing it.

2002.08.16, 11:37 PM
Cool! Keep us posted on this, sounds great!

2002.08.17, 07:25 AM
*grin* Less talk, more pics :-)

2002.08.17, 11:40 AM
They are coming ... we're hiring the hall next weekend for a day and will lay the track out then. Pics will be taken then.

When I'm finishing off all the bits I will take some pics to show the assembly process and I've already drawn some graphics for the website. If my disk hadnt gone haywire they would have been up now.

Will post when theres something to see.

2002.08.19, 03:12 PM
hey mini-me-z would come to your track on the weekend well hopefully were abouts in newcastle is it ? cos im a long way away from
you *damn*

it sounds fun hope the website comes up soon..

2002.08.21, 05:36 AM
Doing quite well with getting the bits of the track together but not managed to get into the hall to try and lay it out ... and we havent got enough room in the house to try and lay it out so no idea how good it's going to be yet :(

Dredd ... we're gonna have this weekend closed doors to check how well our ideas work. Then we're gonna arrange a proper weekend of fun.

The place we are doing this at is near My Dad's house up in a countryside dale called Weardale. It's an hours drive from Newcastle due west near the lakes. It's actually in County Durham on the A689 on the way to Hexham/Alston.

Check out my website link ... it now has something on it. Tell me what you guys think so far as I will be working on it a little each day inbetween doing other peoples sites and finishing the track bits off.

www.minizclub.co.uk - It's running a little slow, but I will put a pre-loader on it to make the first viewing a bit faster in future.

2002.08.21, 06:01 AM
Oooo. Good stuff, my in-laws live in Darlington, so I would insterested in racing when I am up. Its only every 3-4months though, but I am up this weekend.:cool:

2002.08.21, 08:17 AM
The North East club is growing. I won't be able to host anyting this weekend, as it's family I've got over ... and they take some looking after.

But give me an idea when your next up and we'll arrange something for then, see if we can get at least 8 people racing. Need to find a cheap supplier of 1 hour chargers to make sure we can get a full day of racing in.

2002.08.21, 08:22 AM
Cool. I will let you know.

I am normal pushed for time when I am up, but I would like to do a couples of hours in an evening. I will be up again at the end of december, if not before. The holiday period is when I buy hops ups cos I will have time to tinker. :D

2002.08.21, 02:13 PM
Hey mini-me-z the link to your site did'nt work for me

2002.08.22, 02:59 AM
The sites working fine from the link for me. If you type the URL into your browser does it work?

Anyone got any ideas as to why a Link wouldn't work from a Forum Post?

try putting www.minizclub.co.uk into your browser and see if it works.

Thanks for showing interest though :D

By the way if anyone has anything they would like to put on the site, reviews ... ideas ... anything. I'd be grateful of the help. I am going to be doing a fair bit of work on it and hope it will help kick the UK-Z trend off. One man and his dream.

2002.08.22, 03:01 AM
Breeze - what error are you getting when you try to look at the site?

Error 440 .. or just nothing working ??

The front end for the site is in Flash (Allows me to show my creative side :p ) so it could be your having problems with the flash movie.

2002.08.22, 02:20 PM
I am on MSN and the display says page cannot be displayed. I also tried to put in the link manually-same thing. Sorry, I really
would like to see your site.

2002.08.22, 03:23 PM

I certainly hope I get an invite to a race weekend.
I'll check into a hotel, as long as it has electrical sockets for my chargers, I'm happy with that ;)

Uhm, can I bring my CLK with to make the F1's look slow?

And.... why is there no link (yet[?]) to this wonderful site on your web page? :) :)

2002.08.22, 03:36 PM
Yeah but you have to run just 3 cells...:)

I shall be investing in speed by the time a race happens Mondo.

That just leaves some driving ability:rolleyes:

2002.08.22, 04:31 PM
hey guys/girls ;)

me and my dad are making a small track (like the brands hatch)
track in the uk

its only small so i dont think i will hold any weekend things on it unless it look really nice.. :) the webby looks like so far get updating it!!! :)

2002.08.22, 04:58 PM
Just put the track together and had a 20 min blast ... it's excellent. We're running on the solid florrboards they have in the hall as we havnt got the hardboard yetm, but the traction is just about right really.

Makes trh driving more about ability than tops speed. ALthough the X-Speed ferrari is kicking ass.

Pics tomorrow I promise of our first race session (only gonna be three of us there thought for this one .. and some spectators).

Now that we have tested the track we're gonna rent somewhere permanently to lay the track down once and for all so we don't have to take it apart again, then we can build scenery and paint it all up, see if we can get some realism.

ANyway gonna go get some sleep and let the batteries charge up.

Mondo ... of course theres an invite for you. Wanna see this CLK in action. Anyone from UK who can get can come. We'dll see what we can do about B&B's hotels etc.

2002.08.23, 02:35 AM
Dredd, where are you based in the UK?

Mini-z-me. I will be up over the xmas period. I will aim to get my mini-z up to race spec by then.

2002.08.23, 03:45 AM
im in sidcup kent... its in my dads garage :) we have done a first section well we still gottas paint it all and everything :/

2002.08.23, 03:49 AM
oh yeah just read miniz me post :)

yeah im looking for realism 2 :)

i got mine up high about half a metre high of the ground so its well its just below belly level :)

today im gonna work on it again

(btw) how much are them lap counter things? i would luv one :)

2002.08.23, 04:32 AM
I emailed a UK company who make lap counters especially for Mini Z's and they quoted about 1,500. I quicky deleted the email and forgot about it !!!

I've got a few fridsn who are into electronics so I'm gonn atry and get them to put one together for me. As the track is sorely missing a way to know who's in front ... I need to know how many times I lapped my Dad :)

Can everyone see my site now, or are some people still having proplems seeing it .. www.minizclub.co.uk .. as I will be putting pics of all the cars and the track on tonight late on.

see ya l8r

2002.08.23, 04:37 AM
1500 what a rip off!!

i will just use my eyes for laps and stuff :)

i can see the site im gonna make a site but it will not be as good as that is what host you use? e.g homestead ? goecities or what or html?

2002.08.23, 05:21 AM
it's possible to build a 4 lane laptiming system for around 100 that works great on a pc........

get a piece of software called laptimer2000, 4 laser pointers (the ones that idiots use in cinemas to put red dots on the screen:mad: ), 4 photo transistors, some cables and some sort of bridge that spans the track. Mix it together and you have a great system that works, and it's fun to build yourself.
I am pretty much useless with a soldering iron, and dont know anything about electronic components, but still i managed to get it together, so it shouldn't stop anyone from doing it;)

get the software here http://www.gregorybraun.com/LapTimer.html

it's free and the help section is great, it shows you how to wire the sensors , the photo transistors, to the parralel port of your pc. it's made for slot cars but does the job just as good for mini-z

check out this swedish site

i know its in swedish, but the pictures should pretty much tell everything

Anyone with there own track should build this, it makes racing so much more fun, so go and do it

its easy if i could build it :D :D

2002.08.23, 06:00 AM
btw, no the link to your site doesn't work:(

some other sites of interest regarding the laptimer:





2002.08.23, 06:30 AM
thx :D *me looks*

2002.08.23, 07:11 AM
ooops, damn, forgot this one


while you're checking out his laptimer, check out his bad-a** track.:D

2002.08.23, 07:34 AM
Dredd ...

I host my own sites ... I am a web-designer by trade so I have 3 of my own web servers. If you want some space on my site your free to it. Sort of UK members pages. Keep all the interesting UK info together rather than lots of little sites.

Give me a shout if you want to take me up on the offer.

Me-Mans - I have seen the sites where you can create them yourself and I think I will giev it a go thanks fo rposting all the links. And I'm still very confused as to why mine aint working on some peoples PC's but it on others

trygoing to this www.minizclub.co.uk/index.html

2002.08.23, 07:36 AM
o/t Mini-z-me my wife is about to start up her own web design company.

I know its cheeky, but do you have any work?.

2002.08.23, 07:39 AM
woooohooooooo, here we go........errrr nice graphics but no pics yet :( well im sure it's just a matter of time:D

2002.08.23, 08:12 AM
We have a strange workload on at present .. and over the last few weeks your the fourth person to ask for work, so we have lots of people wanting work.

The jobs we currently have are big ones, which I've nearly finished and then the sites I'll be doign are my own ideas which I want to see through myself.

But .. if my ideas take ff I could have a load of sites to do and we'd always be on the look out for some good designers a the right prices (we charge little and often for our sites, so no massive pay outs). If shes looking for a host for her sites, get her to contact us also, we offer a lot for not very much.

Get her to have a look at our company site www.webbedit.co.uk

2002.08.23, 08:20 AM
Cheers for that. :)

FYI www.tingleweb.com

2002.08.24, 09:58 AM
hey guys i just raced on my small track in my garge and its GREAT!!!!
ill post some pics *hopefully*

of it still needs painting tho :/

i think you can have 4 cars racing round any more would be a but messy :rolleyes: :D