View Full Version : February 14, 2015 Open Practice

2014.12.14, 03:18 PM
This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

Due to Valentines Day, this date will be reserved for open practice for anyone that is willing to show up, setup and take down. Please note, it is assumed most of us will not attend for obvious reasons. :p HFAY will be run on the 4th Saturday of February and return to regular schedule afterward.

2015.02.09, 03:49 PM
anybody practicing?

2015.02.13, 05:45 PM
anyone going to be there Saturday besides Jeremy?

2015.02.14, 09:43 AM
ray im here putting hfay layout down

2015.02.15, 08:07 AM
anyone else take advantage of the open track time?

2015.02.15, 06:04 PM
two customers bought a car each and practiced with me.

one customer bought the sc430 ve, tx, charger, batteries, 30/20 tires

the other bought the toyota gt 1 sports set, also charger and batteries

Ray, why no box stock sports class?
i drove the sports toyota gt one and thot it was capable of being raceable (with stock tires).

2015.02.15, 07:49 PM
sports runs in any appropriate class, our kyosho stock, HFAY 70t, 86-90mm or mod. there is little support for 'box' stock and not nearly enough time in a day to run multiple stock classes. our Kyosho stock class is as close to 'box' as we are going to get. i'd be happy making stock h plates required but i seem to be in the minority (MZ403 part kit covers the most commonly broken parts) as many are pushing for less stock parts vs. more.

glad you were able to have some fun with the track :D very happy to see more kits sold and hopefully translate into new racers. :cool: