View Full Version : September 26, 2015 - Kyosho Stock

2014.12.14, 03:27 PM
This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

This will be run on 3 wide L track layout.

2015.09.23, 03:34 PM
Just a reminder, this weekend coincides with Austins birthday so don't forget to bring something festive to celebrate the ocassion :)

Mike Keely
2015.09.24, 02:40 PM
I will bring a cake. Can someone bring some plastic forks and some plates?

2015.09.24, 04:30 PM
will do.

FYI, cleared everything with Hobby Works already so no problems there. :cool:

Mike Keely
2015.09.25, 08:54 PM
Something has come up. I am not going to make it tomorrow. Ray, please pick up a cake and I will get $30 to you the next time I see you. Sorry Austin. Happy BD

Mike Keely
2015.09.26, 07:17 AM
Looks like the weather has put a end to my plans so I will be there today.. See you soon.

Mike Keely
2015.09.27, 08:47 AM
Fun day of racing guys. We had a lot of exciting moments so I thing that everyone feels the same. I hope that Austin had a good birthday also.

2015.09.27, 10:36 AM
thank you to all who made it out yesterday, had a good turnout with 12+ drivers, lost of good battles that came down to the last few seconds. the lap differential remains remarkably small for a 10 minute race.

i'll work on getting the video's up ASAP.

2015.09.27, 02:46 PM
Race results posted (https://plus.google.com/photos/+MiniZRacerDCGTG/albums/6199282206614905345)!

stock class

2015.09.27, 02:47 PM
mod class results

2015.09.27, 02:48 PM
86-90mm class results

2015.09.27, 05:49 PM
Yeah great race day as usual. Lots of really close racing. Glad we could celebrate Austin's birthday with him.

The AMR seems to be getting better but it could use a ball diff and possibly a spring change up front. Not bad for a stock car but still not as fast as a HFAY spec'd race car. The gogolap has really helped stabalize it and make it much easier to drive. Next updrade will be a ball diff and maybe a new servo.

Can't wait for the video.


2015.09.27, 06:09 PM
the AMR was drastically better to drive yesterday than the previous time. steering recentering was back to normal.

takes a bit of time to edit titles into all the video's, wait for i cloud to sync, download and upload to youtube. :( wish it was a simpler process or didn't take as long myself. i'm still waiting for the HFAY video's to sync to icloud. sometimes it's fast, other times it takes seemingly forever.

2015.09.27, 06:14 PM
Austin would like to thank everyone for his surprise birthday party. He had a great time. Thanks to Ray and Mike for organizing the party.

2015.10.01, 07:36 PM
uploaded all the video's!