View Full Version : Instant reverse with EX-5UR?

2014.12.16, 04:09 PM
Hello all, new to this forum and fairly new to the world of Mini-z's
I've just upgraded to an EX-5UR transmitter.
I own 3 Mini z's, an MR03, MA020 and a Buggy.
Since upgrading the transmitter only the buggy has the usual brake then reverse. The other two have instant reverse instead. Something I've done wrong?
Thanks guys.

2014.12.16, 05:06 PM
Never mind.
It was my fault. It seems having ABS power up to high messes things up.
Happy days.
Odd thing is, I can have a higher abs power setting on the buggy before things go haywire.

2015.12.07, 09:18 AM
Just went through this myself, not impressed. Enabling ABS on the Ex-5 screwed up reverse (causing it to studder and general not be reliable).

Disabling ABS cleared it right up.

Never had this problem on my Spektrum Tx's with 1/10. There are separate brake settings from the reverse settings.

2015.12.07, 09:48 AM
Honestly there is absolutely no need for ABS in Mini-Z. Just like trying to use gyros for grip racing, any 'driver aids' are useless and make the car slower and harder to control. You should only adjust throttle curve, high point, trim, and brake; Steering travel, curve, balance, trim. Anything else is detrimental or irrelevant.