View Full Version : mini-z fpv camera

2014.12.18, 05:48 PM
whats a good light weight camera for filming fpv in mini-z looking for light weight high res camera thats like a go pro quality but a fraction of the weight and compact

2014.12.18, 05:56 PM

Page 15 of this thread shows Gonzo007's setting up his drone FPV system on a mini-z...I don't know exactly the make of system but the guys who tried it said it was an interesting take on Mini-Zing.

Pretty expensive novelty item in my view....fun no doubt but unless everyone on track is racing them you are severely disadvantaged.

2014.12.19, 11:38 AM
If you just want to have a car mounted video of your driving there is no super small/cheap/awesome camera. The "poor" mans Go Pro which isn't horribly heavy is the Mobius Camera. It is 39 grams and will do very nice 1080p video.

2014.12.19, 03:40 PM
id love to see the quality of gonzo007's setup if he has any video it looks like a decent setup and ty ill look into the mobious

2014.12.19, 05:56 PM
The best thing to do is look at all of the popular quad copter setups. I drove Gonzo007's car on the weekend. It was fun to drive but is really something like 240x320 resolution.
You find most of the quad guys have two cameras on board, one is the lower quality cam with the picture being transmitted back to their goggles, the second is a higher quality cam that is recording video. The video from the second higher quality cam is generally the one you see on youtube videos and such.