View Full Version : Onboard Video

2014.12.25, 01:16 PM
I dismantled a BPR6 Pen Camera and attached it to my Toyota LM car. You might get sick:o. I was driving it at full tilt...


2014.12.25, 02:48 PM
Looks like the car was flying. Most on board video suffers from the same nausea inducing video. Especially with slower frame rates where it's more blurry. Some day we will get led size lenses that canbe mounted on a stick to get a 3rd person view. Looks like fun regardless :)

2014.12.25, 03:48 PM
Too much vibration too. How did the Levelizer guys do such a stable video?

2014.12.25, 04:24 PM
Oh yeah this wad a hastily made video. The camera is not meant for this. For $16 I figured it would be a fun project.

If you think this is jittery you don't want go see the buggy video. It couldn't keep up...

2014.12.25, 08:06 PM
Looks cool. Try it at slower speed...LOL!;)