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2014.12.27, 12:49 AM
So this was an old project to re-solder wires to an MR-02 2.4 board to make it fit MA chassic with ActionB. He did the wire work, including soldering the battery wires directly to the board, and at the end of the day something was shorting- when batteries were in, whether on or off, the board would start to heat/overheat. Now I want to locate and remedy the problem and will post pics later on, but does anyone have any advise based on the description alone? Any common kind of trip-ups in this kind of procedure?

Update: seems to work without the pcb cover, but when the cover mushes everything together it starts being upsets and shorts out. Odd, but I guess no cover for this one.

2015.01.19, 09:57 AM
You most definitely have a sketchy connection going on.

My suggestion would be to try and locate the most probable area of a short occurring, like where the power wires meet the pcb. Make sure you don't have excess wire that will unnecessarily crowd the assembly when putting the body on. Ideally, nothing should touch then inside of the body except the parts of the chassis the body is fastened to. Easier said than done...

You can do a test to see if you have a short occurring when putting the body on, without using your battery and possibly harming something...

Use a multimeter and put it in 'ohms mode'. Connect the meter leads to your power leads of the PCB. Feed the leads out so that you can read the resistance as you attempt to put the body on. If the resistance dips to a 'near zero value' while fiddling with the wiring or putting the body on, you can go from there to try and determine the exact cause of short. Just fiddle the wiring and watch the reading. You can quickly discern where the short is at. No offense, but my guess is that it was an amateur solder job.