View Full Version : X Power ICS lead

2014.12.31, 03:20 AM
Hello all.
Kyosho's ics lead for some reason seems to be very difficult to get hold of.
I've just found out tha XPower make one (fairly new to the Mini Z world).
Is the Xpower lead a good alternative?
i.e. Does it allow the same type of tuning options? Steering, throttle, gyro etc.

El Tigre
2015.01.03, 09:51 AM
The lead itself is just the connection, like a usb cable is to your computer, this cable connects your cars pcb to the computer so it can be read and written to. The software that it comes with is the device driver, so your computer will know what to do when you connect your car up to it. You will need the ics programming software/app in order to make read/write changes to the car. This software is free on the kyosho site and a Google search will likely bring up results. There are different versions of the software, one for regular asf cars and one for VE brushless based cars. The set up is fairly simple but if your not familiar with finding the COM ports on your computer it can be confusing. PM me if you need help, ics functions are helpful and necessary if you're going to tune your cars.