View Full Version : X-power brushless motor line

2015.01.01, 08:48 AM
while looking at the new belt drive chassis I also noticed x-power has an extensive line of brushless motors with a large range of KV ratings.

Is anyone able to create an exchange rate directory for brushless motors to brushed motors for those of us new to brushless? There are many of us that never ran brushless anything before the VE debut.

For example, X-power has a 4500KV motor, the lowest range I've seen to date. Is this closer to 80-70t brushed motors? If we can get a true stock class brushless motor, VE would be much more broadly supported and easier to integrate into existing classes other than Mod or a separate brushless class.

I'll be adding the x-power lineup to my sticky thread asap as I had missed these.

Little suggestion, are the motors labeled? X-power does a good job of labeling kits but I don't see anything on the brushless motor pictures.

2015.01.01, 11:32 AM
I have their 7500kv and it is labeled. The can size is the same as Atomic VSX motors. Probably the 4500kv is nearer to 70t, I run atomic 5000kv along with 70t and its almost the same speed, maybe a bit faster......however brushless has the advantage of motor consistency in any given duration, I think its because lower amp draw, they do not drop in performance say in 8 mins heat rounds.

2015.01.01, 04:58 PM
XPowerbrushless motor 8500 K is a pretty good motor.if I'm not mistaken it's actually got little good drag break into it as well.pretty surprised how good their quality parts are.specially being black or red color parts