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2015.01.01, 11:21 AM
I just got the Atomic AMZ international version. This one doesn’t come with a radio but does include the aluminum Hobbywing ESC and digital servo. I ordered from TinyRC and was impressed that I received it in 3 days using the free shipping option!

First, let me tell you why I bought this. I currently race 1/10 scale on road and off road. The closest carpet racing is 45 miles away and so I can only go once a week at the most. When I do go, I race F1 (Tamiya F104 v2) and USGT (Tamiya 417x) regularly. These are by far my favorite classes to race. Occasionally, I also race Pro4 (Losi SCTE) short course.

I wanted a way to get more track time at home so decided I would build a track in my basement. I have an area about 16’x20’ to work with so the cars would have to be a small scale. While researching Mini-Z’s, I stumbled upon videos and photos of the Atomic AMZ. I really liked how it was essentially a scaled down touring car. Since there aren’t any Mini-Z tracks around here, I wasn’t concerned with meeting class requirements. Also, I wanted to use my own radio which is an Airtronics MT4. It would have been a pain getting it to work with a Mini-Z if at all.

Upon opening the box, it was apparent that this is a good quality kit. It went together relatively quickly without any problems. Overall, I’m impressed with the quality and how well thought out it seems to be. It seems to have a lot of adjustability.

Now, there are three issues with this kit as I see it so far:

• It didn’t come with wheels or rubber tires! I wish the manufacturer would make this clear up front. I don’t mind paying more for them it’s just that now I have to put in another order and wait to drive the car. Oddly enough, it did come with some hard plastic drift tires. But these are useless since no wheels are provided.

• The stock plastic motor mount seems kind of flimsy. It looks like the gear mesh could get changed relatively easily while getting knocked around. Since I had to order wheels and tires, I went ahead and ordered the optional metal motor mount as well.

• The digital servo comes with a micro plug on it. This seems silly because this version of the kit is supposed to be used with your own radio and receiver. I don’t know of any receivers that accept this plug. So, it was a slight irritation that I had to solder on a JR style plug to make it work.

My radio of choice is the Airtronics MT4. This is the radio I’ve used for the past couple years for all my rc cars and I’m very comfortable with it. I decided to use a FHSS 2 92524 receiver. It’s the smallest one they make and it’s relatively cheap. I de-cased it and put some shrink wrap on it. It fits well directly over the battery. I then did the binding and ESC setup. The ESC setup is easy once you find the directions online (the manual didn’t have this which is something Atomic should remedy).

On the bench, the included digital servo seems very quick! And I just did some low rpm running of the motor to break in the drivetrain a little. Now I just have to wait to receive the wheels and tires so I can see how it actually drives.

Next step after that will be to get a track built. I’m currently trying to decide between three options.

• RCP ready made track
• RCP blank tiles and make my own
• Or buy cheap foam floor tiles

I’ll most likely go with the RCP blank tiles and make my own track. But I still need to do some more research on this. If you have any suggestions on this, please post your thoughts. That’s it for now. I’ll update this thread after the wheels and tires arrive and I can get some driving time on this little car.


2015.01.01, 01:41 PM
Hi didn't know you could use the mt4 with the amz will follow to see how it goes for you. As far as tracks are concerned i'm in the same boat as you as far as none close, i have a couple buggies a truck and a usgt car bought a couple mini z's and a mini 96 track found it to be fun but a little too tight so i gor a expansion for it and like it a lot more, something to consider though is hfay (how fast are you) where you compare times on track to others around the world in which case you will need 2 wide l's to start which is also more expensive. Either way is a lot of fun having a track at home! Good luck and i'll be following to see how you like the amz as im thinking about another radio but may switch cars instead.

2015.01.01, 09:28 PM
If you get the kit version without the radio, you can use whichever radio you like...as long as the receiver is small and light enough. I think there is even a way to desolder the rx on the RTR version and use your own radio.

I wasn't aware of HFAY but that seems really cool! Thanks

2015.01.05, 09:33 PM
I received the wheels, tires, and other stuff today. I ordered the wide Kyosho high grip radials 40 and 20. I also ordered the wide rims with +2 offset. I put the 40's on the front and 20's on the back. This combo seems to handle really well. I tried out the car on smooth concrete, kitchen linoleum, and EVA foam tiles and the car hooks up really well on all these surfaces! Honestly, I'm really surprised with how well it hooks up on ordinary EVA foam tiles. The car is definitely faster than needed for a small basement track but I'd rather have too much and dial it back a bit. The car is really responsive but at the same time easy to drive. When I was watching videos of mini z and amz racing on youtube, I was amazed at how fast they are going around the track. Now that I actually got to drive the car, I can see how it would be possible with a little bit of practice.

On this order, I also got the metal motor mount and I can say it's definitely worth it! The motor is now locked in place and feels very sturdy.

Later this week, I'll be going to the weekly 1/10 scale on-road club racing. We race at a world class facility with CRC carpet. I'll plan to take the AMZ along to see how it handles on this surface.

Also, there is another place nearby that has an RCP track. They use it for racing Losi and other style micro vehicles. But no Mini-z's unfortunately. Anyway, I'm going to try out the AMZ there to see how I like driving on the RCP track.

I figured I may as well try out the various track surfaces to help narrow down to what I really want to buy for my own track. I'm planning to purchase all the track materials by the end of this month.

2015.01.08, 10:02 AM
So, I took the little AMZ to the 1/10 scale club racing. The little car got a LOT of attention. People were really interested in it and like how it was a scaled down touring car. I drove it on the CRC carpet track and it hooked up really well. I just need to tighten the front diff so it's isn't quite so twitchy. Several people wrote down the name of the car because they're interested in buying one also now! So, maybe I'll be able to get a class started around here for these after all!