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Dusty Weasle
2015.01.05, 12:23 AM
The 2015 season has kicked off at Mini-AZ, celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

Thanks to all the guys that for a decade now have raced with us, hauled/set up/vacuumed track, repaired parts, ordered parts, donated parts, donated facilities to race in, got up early, stayed late, helped fix setups, raced clean, raced hilariously dirty, the heroes, the rivals, and the rolling chicanes.

And thanks to all the other clubs that keep on racing, encouraging, hosting events, crossing states to race together and keep this sport fun.

You all make it possible. Its been a blast.

http://www.mini-az.com/index.html :cool:

2015.01.05, 04:45 AM
Time flies when you're having fun huh? My screen saver is old mini-z pics and it throws your visit to England up there every once in a while...how about 10 more?


2015.01.05, 07:04 AM
Wow, I'm jealous. Wish they had a club like that near my place. These guys know how to set up a race circuit. I've yet to meet anyone in my area that knows what a mini-z is. I'm across the states from AZ... :(

2015.01.05, 07:47 PM
Congrats! Seems like it was just yesterday... :D

2015.01.06, 09:25 AM
Looks like 'Brad' owns that circuit.

Dusty Weasle
2015.01.11, 12:03 AM
Thanks everyone, its been fun. Mini-AZ has come a long way from two guys running 10 lap races in a parking lot, and its been great to see all the other clubs grow, some even into businesses! I'm not sure but next year maybe HFAY's 10 year.

Funny to think that less than a decade ago we were all running with AM antennas sticking out of our cars as they twitched their way around the track. Maybe by 2025 we'll be racing Kyosho hover cars (licensed from the real thing of course).

@ Kris- That was a great time in England racing with the Stafford crew. Our trip was only loosely planned, meandering at random, but the Stafford day was a fixed point that we had to make. No way I was losing HFAY points! :D

@ Jshwaa- Yeah, Brad owns pretty much all the circuits. He's a pro driver in the larger scales. That pushes us all to run better though, and sometimes we even pass him. Over the years we've gotten very good at racing together and often the whole group will have fast laps within 0.5sec or so of each other.

2015.03.20, 10:19 AM
It has been a lot of fun. Everyone has gotten so much faster and lots of cool tracks.

2015.03.20, 02:27 PM
congratulations! i forgot our club decade anniversary last year :o it's interesting that our club started before the birth of HFAY, which was the catalyst that really took our club to the next level:cool:

i hope were still here and chatting in another decade:p