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2015.01.06, 08:13 AM
Hey everyone

I am new to the forum and was just wondering what you guys are having luck with on your buggy set ups. I was looking to up-grade some parts on this rig to help performance and handling...was trying to figure out where money is best spent and where you noticed the biggest difference. I have not had one of these things since the original Turbo Optima or the RC-10. Here we go again!



2015.01.06, 11:44 AM
If you haven't yet, I strongly suggest this



That's the first thing I did to mine. The second was to put some more power in. Stock motor is terribly slow. I run PN racing 70T


And an Atomic 60T


Most of the time I find the 70T to be plenty of power on our home track. On some layouts I prefer the 60T.

Those upgrades along with some foam tires are all I've done, and my buggy drives very well on our RCP surface. I do plan to get a turnbuckle set in the near future though.

2015.01.06, 02:16 PM
i ran a 32t pn motor in 2 of my buggies from kenon hobby one was a dud the other was fast and shreded my drive train i upgraded my drivetrain in one and it still shredded the ring diff gear. all in all i would suggest the 32t or 50t or in between and watch the heat near the fets and motor and upgrade the drive train to ball diffs and the diff pinions to metal shim everything and keep spare ring diff gears in case u shred em the stock motor is junk and anything over 50t is just not fun but the 40 turn and down can overheat the fets if u dont watch and let the car cool in between runs

2015.01.06, 03:15 PM
ok thanks guys. What turn is the stock motor? Also, fastmax did u use both the Atomic under carriage protector with the kyosho underguard together?

2015.01.06, 10:32 PM
For me the stock motor was absolutely useless but the 70T and 60T motors have been a riot. I guess it all depends on the size of the area you're running in. My track layouts aren't very big due to limited space. I only have 2 wide Ls and rarely use all the tiles so on my tracks those motors are plenty fast enough to be fun.

@deadted I used the Atomic one myself but didn't notice it was out of stock at first so also gave you the other link.

I'm not sure of the stock motor wind. 80T maybe? Slow is all I can say for sure lol.

2015.01.09, 11:53 PM
Well, I definitely don't want to put anything in too hot and start tearing things up. Right now I have the BBT high torque motor...not to bad. anyone know what the turn is on that?

2015.01.12, 11:19 AM
Not sure on the wind of that motor. I'm with you on the not going too hot. I wanted to be able to have fun with the buggy without having to worry about shredding gears, or having other drive line failures. I also didn't want to have to dump a bunch of money into upgrades.