View Full Version : Kyosho EX-5UR Replacement Steering Wheel

2015.01.10, 09:52 PM
with 30 seconds left in a main race today, the bump stop on my steering wheel broke. does anyone sell a stock replacement steering wheel? I tried looking at Kyosho and Ko Propo websites for replacement parts but did not see anything available.

I did notice in various product descriptions it noted EX-1UR steering wheels are compatible however i could not find stock steering wheels for that either. I did find a Ko Propo upgrade wheel for the EX-1UR/EX-10, KO-16079. i'm hoping i can find a cheap stock replacement vs. paying close to $28 for the upgrade wheel.

2015.01.10, 10:36 PM
I might have one for you if I can get a screw that will fit under Austin's new steering wheel I picked up for him. He has a EX-1 UR

Mike Keely
2015.01.11, 07:01 PM
Do you have a EX-10 radio? I bet it is the same. If it is I think that I have seen the aftermarket wheels for $15 that fit the EX-10.

2015.01.11, 08:22 PM
nope, traded off my ex-10 long ago. none of the the wheels are a match.

Mike Keely
2015.01.14, 03:52 PM
I found this on KO's site. It is the part number for a wheel adapter for the EX-1UR. It lets you use a 1/10th scale nitro foam tire like I have on my radio. If it looks like it will work I have lots of nitro tires you can have.

Tamiya Wheel Adapter & Tx Stand (Optional)

The Tamiya wheel adapter (left) allows you to use wheels with the hex type of pattern found on touring car wheels. Offered in Black (#16092), Green (#16094), Yellow (#16095), Pink (#16096), and Orange (#16097). The Tx stand allows you to place your Mars radio down without tipping over. Offered in Black (#16082), Green (#16084), Yellow (#16085), Pink (#16086), and Orange (#16087).

Mike Keely
2015.01.14, 04:15 PM
This is the KO part number for the EX-1 UR steering wheel. I see it available in the us.

KO-16079 KO Propo - Steering Wheel for EX-1UR