View Full Version : Team Orion Advantage IQ-4X charger

2015.01.17, 06:17 PM
I was going through team Orion's website and spotted this charger. It charges aa, aaa, LiFe and LIPo batteries. It also comes with the adapter to charge a mini z LiFe battery pack. It has pretty much the same features as a skyrc battery charger but you don't from what I can tell need an app on your phone to check battery resistance like the skyrc charger. It tells you everything via display. I cannot find a website that sells this charger stateside, but some overseas website list it but do not have them in stock( at least the last I check a few days ago). So has anyone used or own this charger? I apologize for I do not know how to put a link or pics on here with a smartphone. But it's not hard to find on team Orion's website. I really would like to have this charger. :D

2015.01.18, 12:36 AM
Soon Kyosho America will have this charger available for distribution...it will be the only Orion badged product sold through them.

2015.11.03, 10:53 PM
If you look closely at the LCD it appears to be a SkyRc NR2500 in a different case with the extra terminals. The location of the USB port gives it away as well.

Likely doing the same thing Hitec does, rebadges SkyRC chargers.

However the extra features and lipo/life makes me wonder if this is the new NR3000 charger that is not released yet (or never will be) You can see a picture of it in the iPhone app.