View Full Version : Shock upgrade-leaking stock shocks

2015.01.17, 11:49 PM
Can't seem to keep my stocks shocks from leaking or holing oil long term. Any suggestions? Are there any aftermarket shocks that are an improvement? What about the Kyosho aluminum aftermarket any better

2017.02.13, 06:05 PM
It is tough to stop the shocks from leaking. They always seem to leak a little. I purchased the aluminum Kyosho shocks and though they are smoother, they also leak from the top caps. I have not tried this yet but I believe plumbers tape should fix the problem if they are leaking from the top. Just wrap a thin layer on the threads and tighten the caps(careful not to over tighten). I will try this method for myself later this week and let you know how it goes. That is a good solution from what I have been reading.