View Full Version : MR03 FHS issue.

2015.01.18, 06:24 AM
Hi all.
A question on behalf of a mate of mine.
He's got an MR03 Sport chassis and recently bought an AWD ASF chassis.
Not knowing any different he tried to bind the mr03 to the KT18 asf transmitter.
Obviously it didn't work.
So, as it had lost bind to the KT19 chassis he tried to re-bind it.
Problem now is, that with the throttle in neutral the wheels are spinning quite fast and when you go for reverse the wheels stop, loose it and they spin again.
It's just as if the trim is all over the place, but no matter what you do with the trim it has no effect.
Any thoughts?

2015.01.18, 10:19 AM
Try doing a reset on the k19...

2015.01.18, 11:03 AM
Didn't know you could do that. (I run a ko-propo)
Thanks, worth a try.

2015.01.18, 06:46 PM
Try this ---> kyosho kt-19 FAQ (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39628)

2015.01.22, 03:13 AM
That's sorted it.
Thanks very much guys. :)