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2015.01.23, 03:47 PM
name: Derek
contact: via pms
thread: FS items as I find and list them (lol)

This thread will be the start of a "clearance" as such for items I've stockpiled and don't need anymore. Help me start to fund other RC endevours!

item #1: PN racing DSM2 board for MR03

I used it for a bit but once I decided to go another route and give away the transmitter I no longer have a use for it. Switch bypassed and upgraded power wires. $50usd+shipping


i will be listing other items...stay tuned.

2015.01.23, 03:59 PM
item #2: MR03 chassis with "boosted" kyosho board

The Kyosho board in this MR03 has had the fets replaced with 4562's. It is a very punchy chassis that handles well as set-up.

upgrades include:
atomic upper tower bar
RR delrin upper arms
PN lower tower bar
PN 94/98mm motor pod
PN limited slip 64pitch spur gear
QTec diff parts
PN top shock

tire combo is Kyosho 10rear/30front.

will include a brand new 94mm Lexus 430sc white body

$100usd +shipping(does not include transponder but if needed it can be purchased)


2015.01.26, 10:25 PM
Thank you for all the interest but the items above have been sold.

Stay tuned for some other items soon.

2015.01.27, 12:05 PM
some new items:

Ferrari F40 "MonteShell" (some few minor scuffs,no asc wheels but front clip included)


2012 lexus SC430 SuperGT (98mm) painted with a cool "iridium fade" candy finish. 7 out of 10 condition ( a number of paint chips) but very stable/fast 98mm body


9 sets of tenergy "premium" cells. All at various mAh levels after being used for a year. Still some good punch left to be had or use as practice cells.

$20usd+shipping with Atomic battery box

Still sorting out all sorts of random stuff in my collection...stay tuned.;)

2015.01.27, 04:08 PM
batteries/box sold.;)

new item: package of glued/trued foam tires and 4 packs of unused foam tires

GQ tires are the standard for mini-z foams and you will find great combinations of outstanding traction and steering grip for whichever surface you race on.

1pr Very Soft rear
3pr soft medium rear
2pr medium front

mounted/glued/trued sets
1 set very soft on +1 rear
1 set soft/medium on +3 rear
1 set soft +3front
1 set soft/medium +3 front
1 set medium +3 front
1 set soft +1 front
1 set soft/med +1 front
1 set med +1 front

13 sets of tires total for $40usd + shipping


as a sidenote, i have a few different dish wheels in a couple different offsets so if you like the unused ones mounted/glued/trued i can manage that for an extra fee to include the new for you rims to the total. (The rims are nothing special but I'm not giving them away.)

2015.02.07, 05:36 PM
bump...bodies and foam sets still available.:D