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2015.01.30, 07:46 PM
I've done a couple of minor upgrades to my MA-020. I was hoping to get some feedback on a couple more upgrades I am considering:

1. I've noticed steering issues with the car, and I wanted to try a servo saver upgrade. I've seen both 3Racing and Atomic servo savers sold online. Any suggestions about which one to buy (if any)?

2. My motor has gotten quite hot after long runs. I was thinking about aluminum motor mounts and covers. Several companies put these out. However, I am a little worried about putting extra weight off the center line. Any suggestions about which ones?

I mostly just drift the car, but I really enjoy the process of trying to dial it in, so any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

2015.01.30, 08:39 PM
I replaced the servo saver and all the servo gears but it didn't fix the steering issue. What did help is to shim the plate that holds the gears. There is a lot of play and slop in the steering gear assy.

I installed the kyosho heatsink in my MA020m It helps a little but the cars normally run hot.

2015.01.31, 09:03 PM
Thanks. I'd be interested in how you are shimming the front plate.

I purchased a PN Racing MA-020 front tie rod, and it seemed to free up the steering, but it didn't entirely fix my centering problem. It does seem better, though (Note: my MA-020 shipped with oil on top of the stock plastic tie rod, so it appears that someone at Kyosho recognized the binding). It really "feels" like a servo saver issue, but it could be in the gearbox. I don't know these little cars yet.

In case your interested in the front tie rod, there are other toe-in, width, and color options available.

2015.02.05, 02:38 PM
Try loosening the back two screws that hold the lower front cover/plate.
If you over tighten them - this will cause friction between the steering rod and that plate.