View Full Version : Resetting Track Record

2015.02.01, 08:05 PM
I have changed my track and wanted to erase the record from the old track that is displayed at the top of the screen.I have erarsed the records in the drivers setup but the record still displays at the top of the screen.
How do I erase the record for the old track so we can set one for the new track?

2015.03.16, 06:02 AM
First of all, you should design your track in the track designer and link that in so that you know the track record each time you return to an old used track.

But to do what you want.

Open "ZRound Settings" -> Choose "Layout" -> and under "Trazado" -> there is a little button: "Delete Record"

I got v1.12 build 26 right now. So maybe you version don't have the "Trazado" but have "track" in stead.