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2015.02.02, 06:38 AM
Dear all,

I have a question about the FRONT STEERING KNUCKLE.

I found out one of my original Kyosho FRONT STEERING KNUCKLE's bar can't be screwed up 100% with the wheel. The wheel can be moved from left to right tiny bit.

so I bought the new ALUMINUM FRONT STEERING KNUCKLE from 3racing and played for 2 hours. Today I found out one side can't be screwed up tight again.

Is that normal that FRONT STEERING KNUCKLE broke so easily?

2015.02.02, 07:29 AM
There should always be some slack on the front axles, if you're screwing wheels down tight, you're only creating a bind issue. If the the steel axle is spinning in the aluminum carrier... you must've been really cranking on those wheelnuts! :)

2015.02.02, 08:16 AM
my wheelnuts just can't go through aluminum carrier's screw thread 100%. Is that normal?

2015.02.02, 08:44 AM
I have had 03's since their release date and have yet to break a plastic steering knuckle. However, I have seen several on the "sports" series fail within minutes of hitting the track for the first time. Possibility of a lesser grade of styrene being used in production since it has been moved to China? Highly likely. Intentional? Probably not. Kyosho's standards are pretty high.

Short knuckles are quite normal with the cheaper "off brand" components that are out there. Sometimes you get lucky with the less expensive brands but that is the exception and not the rule. We have all gone through it. To reasonably insure quality stick to the products from Kyosho(R246), Atomic, PN or X-Power and the suppliers that sells them.

When installing the plastic wheel nut study it carefully to insure that the stepped side goes toward the bearing or bushing. This is to minimize the contact area between the two pieces. Personally I would avoid the use of aluminum lock nuts for wheel retention. They tend to be pricey for what they are which creates a tendency to use them well beyond their service life while the first time a plastic nut doesn't draw up properly it goes in the circular file where it belongs. When purchasing the plastic units from PN though use caution as there have been quite a few bags(at our local HS) that have been too large and will not secure at all. I am not saying they are all bad but there have been some issues. I continue to use them since at their price point I just toss the defective ones as I run across them.