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2015.02.04, 03:16 PM


Saturday Mar 21 2015

The track will open at 10 am

The first race will start at 12 noon

Formula 1 Race 2 qualifiers 6min

One main 15min

AWD Race 2 gualifiers 6min

One main 12min

90m Race 2 qualifiers 6min

One main 12 min

Box Stock Race 2 qualifiers 5min

One main 20 min

If your car's are up for this challenge 2 racing then put your car's on the track

Come join us

Mike Keely
2015.02.04, 07:37 PM
I plan on being there!

2015.02.07, 02:59 AM
i knw the rules for box stock but what are the rules for the other clssses (no traction compound and white/autoscale bodies only)?

Mike Keely
2015.02.07, 08:06 AM
Open to whatever you want to do. No rules for the other classes except we don't allow foam or silicone base tires.