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2015.02.06, 12:35 PM
Dear all,

I promised that I spent at least 3 hours online to learn the wheel set up.

I might just be stupid or what. I just don't get it.

anyway, 2 stupid questions

1: Do all mr-03's wheels are in same diameter?

2: So I see F:3.0mm R 3.0mm, does that mean front and real wheel both offset in 3? so when I go online to buy wheel for my MR-03, do I just need to look offset 3? (mine is 599xx)

I am sorry if that question is really dumb, but that drives me crazy for hours.

2015.02.06, 01:08 PM
There are no stupid questions.

First. All the wheels on an 03 except for LM cars are 20mm in diameter. LM fronts are smaller at 17mm. However, the offset of the wheels is determined by the body. The ones that came with the car are the proper offset for that body. EXCEPT. Under racing conditions the body may want some different wheel offsets to either add or subtract steering feel for a given body. Just because you can jam a +3 wheel on the front doesn't mean it will perform at the optimum. If a body design produces too much steering sensitivity you can increase the difference in wheel offset from front to rear. Adding more front offset kills steering by increasing the scrub radius while reducing it doe the opposite. mod motored cars tend to like more offset to kill speed into the corner by increasing scrub. High turn or stock motor cars prefer less scrub to maintain momentum through the corner. Wheel offset is an excellent way to fine tune a set up after you have worked out your spring and tire combinations for driver comfort. Be advised to try to keep the amount of tire sticking outside of the fender on full steering lock to an absolute minimum. If you snag a rail with the wheel peeking out you are almost immediately guaranteed of breaking the very fragile 4th gear in the steering servo.

Wheels can be purchased in offsets from -1 to +3 in diameters up to 22mm I believe from PN and Atomic. Atomic offers some wheels in 19mm for the front in Delrin as well as 20mm rears. This wheel line is available from 0* to 1.5* in .5* increments. There are wheels available from other manufacturers as well but the ones mentioned are the most commonly used. PN does make a set of wheels and hubs that can be adjusted for offset from 0* to 3* both front and rear in small changes. they are pricey and likely too heavy for racing but as a tuning tool they can be valuable for finding what a particular body and driver for that matter wants in car feel. Once you get the feel you can store them away for the next experience.

2015.02.06, 02:51 PM
Correction... +4 offsets too! ;):D


Sorry, saw a free ad space. These wheels will fit nearly nothing, except with lots of trimming!

2015.02.07, 12:27 AM
I am looking at PN wheels as well. Just like you said they are 0,1,2,3 off set.

I was thinking buying the exactly same as my original wheel but after read your comment I will buy 0 1 2 3 off set all together.

The biggest reason is I am a newbie on my local shop's track, I hit my car too often on the straight line and my wheel is not round anymore.

May I ask another question? I read someone online talked about if front and rear wheel are in different off set that might be some problems. Is that true?

2015.02.07, 06:29 AM
Absolutely not. For really good steering balance and controllability the front offset is best kept to 1* less than the rear for optimal conditions. Motor choice along with body selection and driver preference can alter this but basically the starting point should be stated. This hypothesis is for competition and not just driving around on the kitchen floor or shoveling snow(drifting).

All of this of course is just my opinion based on several years of listening to others, testing ideas and competing. These little cars are difficult enough to control so making them comfortable and easier to drive is half the battle.

As they say in the commercials, "your results may vary".

2015.02.07, 11:56 AM
"1" less than the rear, very useful information, I will test that this week, I am very excited to be honest, thank you very much

isn't the stock cars are all the same offset from front wheel and rear wheel?

2015.02.07, 12:28 PM
Wheel offsets vary from one body to the next. The 599 isn't the same as say an old McLaren F-1 or the Audi R-8 or the Aston DBR9. Check some of the compatibility lists found here on the forum from members like bye-bye or herman. lots of information there

2015.02.07, 04:21 PM
Stock autoscales wheel offsets are all over the map. Your doing a good thing in buying a few offsets to try out. Most wheels are cheap enough to make this cost effective.

I generally keep my front wheels at least 1mm less than rear, sometimes more. I also like 19mm for the front to give that little something extra between the wheel arch and tires. Most bodies don't offer a lot of wiggle room in this regard.

2015.02.13, 08:31 AM
So would a -1 offset be ideal for maximizing friction to the ground, or does the +1/+2/+3 offsets seem to enhance rear end stability? I am thinking that bringing the wheel offset in (ie -1 offset) and adding to the width of the wheel would be ideal, however I haven't tried it, nor am I able to find a good selection of -1 offset rear rims. I don't see how simply throwing a positive offset on without widening the rim/tire alone would help, and it would also make the rear tire protrude out of the body, which could bring a host of other issues (ie wheel rubbing during races and increased leverage on rear axle).

2015.02.14, 09:37 PM
Greetings and welcome to the forums...

Here are some threads that you might find useful

Here is the official kyosho site that lists all rims (with the corresponding offset) that they produced....

from here...

Some other threads that shows bodies with suggested rim offsets...



In answer to your questions

1 - yes and no... The majority of rims produced by kyosho are 20mm in diameter. There were some rims that were made specifically for some bodies like the LM bodies (which use different tires) and other bodies like the Shelby cobra and the porsche 934/935 bodies. Then there are third party manufacturers (pn, atomic, route 246) that make rims in 20mm as well. Atomic does make a front rim in 19mm I believe. And there is square (dunno if they still make aluminum rims for mini-z) who made an inch up version in 21mm dia. They are the most beautiful rims I've ever seen.

Here's a link http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35005&highlight=Square+rims

2 - yes, rims that come with autoscale bodies have specific offsets that match that particular body (as seen in some of the links I've posted above). So if the 599 uses 3mm in front and back, find some in that offset. However, as explained above you might want to experiment with other offsets to see or experience the handling properties of each. And gauge which one suites your particular driving style. If you race, I would suggest having a lesser offset from the rim that comes with the body, ie in your case 2front and 2rear. So when you hit a sidewall, it isn't as severe, since the rim is slightly protected by the fenders as compared to a rim that has more offset.

Hope this helps :D

2015.02.14, 09:39 PM
Oh it says that you are from Taiwan. What part of Taiwan are you from? And how's the racing scene over there?