View Full Version : amz clone?

2015.02.13, 06:48 PM
looks like a amz clone http://www genesisunion com/RC-Radio-Control-buggy-short-course-esc-upgrades/MiniQ-Genesis-Union-SinoHobby what do u guys think

2015.02.13, 09:37 PM
It looks more like an adaptation of the Turnigy TZ4 (also sold as Mini-Q under different brands as this one is), with an updated ESC supporting standard servo connection, still for brushed motors though. The TZ4 ESC also integrates FlySky protocol but uses a 5-wire servo. The upper deck and bulkheads look a bit different also and the swingshafts look to use the normal hex nuts we are used to.

If there were no other significant changes to the chassis, I don't think this one will be worth getting, at all. My impressions of the TZ4 are not favourable, though another member had a different experience in this thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39386)

I messed around with the AMZ, have reverted mine back to stock form. Never got it running nicely, but I'm giving it another chance. I have shimmed my axles and hopefully that plus the aluminum servo mount will get it tracking straight.

2015.02.14, 01:24 AM
For the AMZ you really need the bell crank and aluminum bulk heads they are neccesary to get accurate and smooth steering. All the plastic parts makes the car too flexible and prone to tweak (the AMZ that is).

2015.02.14, 06:41 AM
It looks like another Mall Kiosk knock off product that the seller will tell you that "sure, you can find parts at your local Hobby Shop. They have cars that are just like these but for a lot more money". You know. Like "Atomik" and the ever popular "Red Cat".