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2015.02.14, 01:31 PM
Does anyone weigh their cars on all 4 corners and is this a good way to set up? I'm always amazed at how small an adjustment can have a big affect on lap times with these cars!
I'm ordering the sky rc corner weight scale to check this out on the z and my larger cars, has anyone used this scale at all?

2015.02.14, 03:33 PM
It is a really great toy. It looks so cool to see the car setting on the four scales with all the lights flashing and the crowd gathering to see the show. Then you breathe on the car and everything changes and may or may not come back to what the previous readings were. You will have to make some marks on the scale pads to mark exact center of each pad and then be certain that the car is centered on each pad. If you can deal with the super sensitivity and lack of repeatability in readings then by all means go for it. Or, you could take the "C" note and buy some useable bling.

2015.02.14, 04:01 PM
Gee i take it you dont like yours :confused:

2015.02.14, 04:28 PM
I would think that itd be useful for 10th scale but (agreeing with mleemor60)I don't see how accurate it could be for mini-z.

2015.02.14, 05:04 PM
It's incredibly accurate. The issue comes from consistency and repeatability. Using a single pad for weighing the car over all in a tech situation they are perfect cause you could weigh 4 at a time. it is useful for front to rear balance with 2 pads but again you can get repeatability issues.

2015.02.14, 05:17 PM
Gee i take it you dont like yours :confused:

It's not that it isn't liked. It is just too sensitive for our use. I've worked with the system for years on 1/1 scale cars where the car is rolled off and on to the scales, bounced up and down to settle the suspension and then the readings taken. If you are willing to come up with a system that insures that the car is placed to the .001th of an inch every time then they are a valuable tool for telling you that there is a crumb of tire rubber stuck to your spur gear and the readings indicate a tweek. if you rotate the gear the readings will be off. A simple four corner push down test will tell you the same thing for no expenditure and the car doesn't have to be surgically clean to test. You would be surprised to see that a 1/2 turn on a wheel lug will change the readings.

Your money could be better spent elsewhere. That is the point I am trying to make.

2015.02.14, 08:56 PM
Also if your suspension is tweaked or not entirely exact you will get readings that don't make any sense as the car may be semmetrical but the left side or the ride side could wiegh more. A racer at my club bought one of these systems and it really is just a fancy toy that doesn't really work too well. If you perfectly detweak your car and put the car on just after you true all four tires and check your ride hieght and preload then maybe it will work ok, but even then you need to make a stand that holds all four scales in place and need to mark the center of each scale as was already mentioned. I only played with it for a short time as the racer brought it to the track to se what people though but in my short experience I was not thoroughly conviced of its practicality.

2015.02.15, 05:09 AM
Well i've ordered it as i need some sort of scale. i was working on set up and thought i had a good 1 till i switched to a heavier body and the lap times went down, so i lightened up on spring and the lap times went down for the lighter body. At this point i decided i need a scale of some sort so i'm trying this out.

2015.02.20, 09:57 AM
Well i got it and it is expensive but it also seems to work well! Its not a magic cure all but it does give you a lot of info to chew on. Now i know what my car weighs and what the front rear bias is.

2015.02.23, 11:03 AM
I've been playing with this a bit more and find that it doesn't seem to be the placement so much as the rear axle seems to stick to 1 side or the other depending on how you handle the car. If you tweak to 1 side or the other that side will be heavy,as if the t plate does not fully return to perfectly flat. I've moved it around on the pads with no change in overall weight but as mentioned the rear axle is the most sensitive. Dont know if it is because of the disc damper or the t plate need to play more with this.