View Full Version : CHANGED: 2 hr Endurance race now Sat, Feb 21st

2015.02.16, 08:49 PM
We will do the endurance race on Saturday, Feb 21st.

Fee is $25, $5 of which will go to lucky draw store coupons.


Shop opens 4 pm; practice starts
6:00 pm: if under 10 racers at this time, then the event will be run as single drivers. Otherwise, lucky draw to figure out teams
6:30 - 7:00 pm: qualifying starts: 30 mins timed qualifying- best lap used to decide starting order of the race
7:30 - 9:30 pm: 2 hour endurance race
9:31 pm: lucky draw for store certificates


If the number of drivers exceeds 10, drivers will compete in teams of 2, arranged through lucky draw. Any single drivers, due to odd numbers, will compete individually but against the others.
To make it fair, they will have 24 laps added to their total at the end of the race to account for time lost having to change batteries with no teammate.

If the number of drivers exceeds 8 but is less than or equal to 10, racers will compete on their own. They will be responsible for their own Marshalling as well.

Qualifying will be 30 min where the fastest lap of the team or individually, if the case, will be used.

Teams are required to change drivers when their pack expires. Teams must either ensure both driver's car have the same transponder number or need to switch the transponder between cars. All cars must pull into the pit area before changing drivers.

Cars must run rubber tires and a plastic mini-z body. No lexan or pancar bodies. Motor, suspension mods and batteries are open. No traction compound allowe. Tire warmers are allowed.

Teammates not racing will Marshall not only their teammate's cars, but any car that needs help.

Winner or winning team will be the one that completes the most laps during the 2 hours.