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2015.02.16, 10:05 PM
Anyone know where I can find 4mm narrow offset wheels and 3.5mm wides?

I have a audi r8, and the stock wheels are awd wheels, I can't find mr03 wheels anywhere that will fit.

Please help, thanks!

2015.02.16, 10:07 PM
I found some narrow 3.5 ce28n, that I can space out with the pn racing kit, but the biggest rears they make are 3.0mm.

Another option is if anyone knows how to space out the rears. Or if there is a different ball diff shaft I can buy.

2015.02.18, 04:38 PM
What you are saying is not true.

I have a mr03 so the awd wheels don't fit as I said in my post.

I have kyosho 3.5 offset wheels in the front with probably another 1mm space in the front.

I have 3mm offset wheels in the rear, with another 1/2mm to spare.

Even the sheet that comes with the body says, 4.5mm for the front (wide setting) and 2.2mm rear (awd offsets are smaller in the rear because drive train is wider back there)

I don't need people to tell me what I have sitting in front of me is wrong, I need someone to tell me how I can space out my rear wheels or where to find 4mm offset wheels.

Also where can I get the spacer for the LM shaft?

2015.02.18, 06:15 PM
I apologize for giving you information that you say is not true so I removed the post to prevent it from happening to anyone else. I will refrain from offering any more information on the subject.

Good luck with your search.

2015.02.18, 09:49 PM
I am running an Audi R8 on a MR03 chassis and I am using 3 offset for front and rear. I don't see how a 4 offset will fit in the front without the wheels sticking out. If you look up Useful idiot designs on Shapeways, he has large offset wheels for you to order.