View Full Version : Off topic Rx compatible with KT-18

2015.02.25, 12:59 PM
It has been the longest time since I last posted in this forum.. Recently noticed this new 1/27 breed (AMZ), and I am very interested in getting back to the hobby.

Read through the forum about receiver issue that comes with the RTR, so I am thinking to go with the touring kit route. Question I am going to ask probably been answered many times, but being away from the scene for so long, I want to make sure I get it right before making the purchase..

So, do you guys know of any receiver I can use for my KT-18 transmitter?

2015.02.25, 04:21 PM
You can use the GoGo lap receiver. It works fine just have to solder a few wires. I have it on all of my AMZ.

2015.02.25, 05:47 PM
Thx for your reply! I remember seeing instruction some where to wire to the amz esc with gogolap, glad to know it works with your kt-18 asf..

Another question if u don't mind. Is that true that the touring kit doesn't come with wheel/tire? If true, I am guessing the ma-010 wheels would work?

Thanks again!

2016.12.09, 07:22 PM
Sorry to dig up a dead thread... But I would like to overhaul my stock amz, but can't find the gogolap rx anywhere in stock. Has anyone tried the dasmikro model?

I have an old Helios, if anyone has other suggestions on module/rx that are compatible with the Helios and a tiny rx. Budget oriented preferred...