View Full Version : HFAY S19 Race 3 & 4

2015.02.26, 03:01 PM
End of the month is almost here, get you times submitted to the HFAY site. there are a few days to get your races in if you haven't run them yet.

We're running our races tonight :)

2015.02.26, 05:52 PM
we run ours saturday :D

2015.02.27, 09:25 AM
our times are uploaded. :cool:

2015.03.02, 01:16 PM
Reminder to get your times submitted, thanks.

2015.03.03, 12:41 AM
Western Zydney results are in :) We have some new blood so hoping to get a few more racer in next time to keep the mini-z alive.

2015.03.03, 04:41 AM
Washington DC gtg ran on Saturday. I'll get these to Ray today for upload. Sorry for the delay.

2015.03.03, 07:37 AM
just uploaded times for burncity miniz ^_^

2015.03.05, 08:16 AM
times have been processed for Races 3 and 4, Great job guys.


I see a few more of the brushless chassis' running :)

2015.03.28, 09:26 PM
Since the Atomic AMR has come out will it be able to run in this?

2015.03.29, 04:06 PM
Since the Atomic AMR has come out will it be able to run in this?

I haven't looked at it much. I'll have to dig into it a little more so I can give you an informed answer, but for now I would say no, but it is something we can evaluate and look into adding as legal for next season.