View Full Version : Alternative build for X-power IDT, - A buggy !

2015.03.12, 04:36 AM
So, I intentionally went for the IDT when I realised that the wheelbase is almost identiacal to that of the mini-z buggy. Long story short, - I thought I would have a go at grafting MB-010 suspension accross the the IDT, and it's going well so far. Oh yes, and I also got the alu bits anodised blue (got no response from X-Power if they would do a blue version). Sorry for the poor pics, will keep you updated :-)

2015.03.12, 07:30 AM
That's pretty innovative.

Question, what are you using for your cutting tool? Looks pretty precise.

I too am constructing my own chassis. Mine is for a MR-03S, built around a 6-cell power plant. Still a work in progress, but it's coming together...

Here's the thread. (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=456517#post456517)

2015.03.12, 02:52 PM
doesn't look like he has cut anything, just put the buggy arms onto the idt chassis. The cutouts and the shape are exactly the same to idt chassis and he has all the bulkheads and motor mounts which you can't get seperate yet.

2015.03.16, 05:57 AM
Thanks for the comments guys, DMALMAD you are indeed right, the main chassis is as the IDT comes, the only part I have cut is a portion off the front where the bodyposts were mounted to. I've been mounting the suspension over the weekend a little, it's going fine but a few minor snags have delayed it a little. Still, enjoying the build and it's looking great so far.

2015.05.05, 03:39 AM
Finally had some time (and a missing part or 2) to do some updates on this little buggy, here she is so far. Some spilled superglue (!) added some time to clear up and remove. Nest things to do are shock towers that fit, and some sort of steering bellcrank. Thanks for looking.

2015.05.05, 03:44 AM
More pics. Sorry for the poor phone photos !