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2015.03.14, 06:15 AM
I have to say I love the new rule about rubber tires only! Cudos to PN!

We have been critical of the quality of the rubber tires that have been availabel in the last years, and then our club started using urethane front tires and slot rear rubber tires.

This gave faster laptimes etc, but caused health problems.
Superglue allergies has hit hard on many members.
Some even quit because of it. Also the fine dust from truing thise tires gave one guy asthma problems. The track is also urethane as we know, but it does not give away this kind of fine dust.
The fine dust from urethane and superglue are everywhere. Washing down our clubhouse now, and we are all glad the urethane is on its way out the door. Even the vacuum cleaner bags gets clogged up super fast from the urethane tire powder.
A tire called JRP and one called Paul is the tires that been used.

Current rubber tires are okay, Route246 tape is great, and we are happy :D:D:D. No more trickery and back to racing on equal terms!

2015.03.14, 07:00 AM
I very much hope all clubs will follow and get rid of these tires.

2015.03.14, 11:48 AM
I realize that many develop super glue(CA) allergies, but I didn't realize that the foam tires were a health risk. What has transpired as of late that has led to using rubber tires only?

2015.03.14, 08:21 PM
I very much hope all clubs will follow and get rid of these tires.

Do I smell Slander only and which country ;)