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2015.03.15, 11:00 PM
I have put togther a really simple tire truer that is basic and utilizes sandpaper instead of a sanding drum. I have it listed on Shapeways at pretty much the price it costs me to order it but it is not complete you need a large o-ring, a mini z diff axle and wheel hub and some sand paper. You will also need some hardware from the hudy tire truer. This is meant to be more of a replacement if you break your tire truer not supposed to be fancy but rather to get the job done. I have not ordered it yet but I will be posting some instructions up of when I have put it together. But basically you need to source the pinion with the groove for the belt and the larger spur type adapter with the groove for the belt from hudy and some 3mm drill bit blanks and some 3mm hex screws and a 540 sized brusher motor. When I am not so sleepy I will put together an exact parts list with part numbers. Just a heads up I AM NOT SURE IF THIS WORKS YET! Everything is measured to be very simmilar to the HUDY however this isn't tested yet so there are no gurantees until I put one together and test it. If you are in a hurry and are a brave soul go ahead and order it and everything should work as I basically just took out the sanding drum and put a wall where you place sandpaper there. The sand paper I would recomend is 600 or 800 grit. anything coarser and the tires will have a rough surface which = less traction/unpredictability. Anything finer than that and it will take forever to true your tires.

I have attatched a PDF of it and to get it go to shapeways and type in "simple tire truer" there will be two things you need to order, simple tire truer and simple tire truer piece 1.

Anyways I will post back later with the exact parts and a step by step guide for assembly later on when I get it in the mail

EDIT: This is the link to where all the Part Numbers will be and eventually the instructions.

2015.03.16, 04:42 AM

2015.03.16, 10:11 AM
I have updated the list of part numbers with all the materials you would need except the 3mm drill blank as that can be found at any hardware store. I havent added any links for the Hudy parts as I can't find them online but if you go to your local hobby shop they should be able to get them for you if you provide the part number.


Also if you have a 3d printer or cnc machine I can provide the neccesary files to build one your self just shoot me a pm I would be happy to help:)