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2015.03.19, 09:23 AM
Is there any Atomic contacts available? I had an issue with a couple of items I received back in December and have sent 13 emails to the contacts listed on the sight and besides their initial response asking for pictures, I have never heard back from them. We all know they are still in business as they are very happy to process an order and create new products but I don't understand why they will not respond.

Has anyone else run into this problem? How did you reach a resolution? Who did you contact?

They site in question is rcatomic.com. The folks I have emailed multiple times are listed in the contact section of the web site and are as follows.


I did not escalate my emails to the first three addresses listed until my 10 email went without a reply.

I am clearly frustrated that a company of this stature can just ignore its customers like this.

If any one has any advice on how I can get in touch with someone or what I can do to get my issue resolved I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

2015.03.19, 10:13 AM
Check your PM

2015.04.09, 09:20 AM
Hey SaiTam,

Wondering if you had any updates? I can not send you a PM as it states your inbox is full. Shoot me a message when you get a chance. Thanks for all of your help.

2015.04.09, 01:56 PM
If you look up AtomicMods on the internet and let me know what you had issues with I can see what I can do. Donald

2015.10.25, 06:43 PM
is there anyone to contact with RCAtomic anymore? i've been inquiring about S6 wheels in greater offsets for a very long time now via thier 'contact' on the website to no avail. i would very much like to go back to these wheels however they just are not offered in offsets most appropriate for wide cars like the R8, 458, etc.

2015.10.28, 09:45 AM
Nope, they are a joke of a company and I refuse to support them or give them any of my money. Even there former US rep (above) could not get a hold of anyone for me. I am now at 10 months and 67 emails with no response. None of my emails are rude or pointed just asking for advice and an exchange on a motor that is clearly shown as never run and still in the package with a crack in the can.

I even posted on their social media page which is clearly maintained and viewed and all they did was delete my question if they would be willing to respond to my email. The funny thing is shortly after I posted that about 50 other people jumped in line asking the same thing.

2015.10.28, 11:53 AM
why not return it where purchased?