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2015.03.22, 09:58 AM
I am proctively working on summer club shirts with spring now upon us.

FILA SPORT GOLF® Pro Core Performance Polo

Colors: (same colors as winter shirts)
Charcoal Gray
High Risk Red
Blue Zone reserved for Hobby works Staff only

S, M, L, XL, XXL

'Washington DC' club logo included on all
'Hobby Works' logo reserved for Hobby works staff only
'Founding Member' reserved for members that started with the club in my basement circa 2004-2007.

Costs fluctuate naturally as cost for the shirts varies depending on when I need to purchase, what is available and if there are any discounts running at the time of purchase. Please email/PM me with request for color, size and I'll get back to you with what it will cost. If I can catch the shirts on sale, which I've been lucky enough to do 95% of the time, the cost will average $28.

2015.03.23, 11:20 AM
For a second there, I was picturing little sticks taped to the sides of the cars and a little white ball to try to whack into the opposing goal... :(;)

2015.03.25, 04:54 AM
I'm not opposed to a match of mini-z soccer ;)

2015.03.29, 07:48 PM
Update: i will be placing my 1st order for summer shirts no later than Tuesday night. Cost is $28. Please email/PM me with size if you have not already told me.

2015.04.21, 09:18 PM
Good news, I got a batch of the polo shirts done and cost was lower than estimated, $26!

2015.12.20, 11:29 AM
Just a reminder, the sports Polo shirts are $26 as these are still available. the pull overs are no longer available, no plans yet to replace that option.