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2015.03.25, 06:52 PM
Hello everyone Donald Ethredge here with AtomicMods, I'm attempting to bring back the site to its old glory, in the past the site had dealt with mostly XMOD parts and upgrades as the XMOD is a bit dated I'm wanting to focus on some other areas so looking for any input on what people are looking for.

Thanks Donald

2015.03.25, 09:21 PM
asking people who frequent a mini-z forum what they want at a site for selling rc parts? Not sure how many of the mini-z'ers are into other scales

You should ask yourself how deep you want to go with this...are you hoping to build to a Tower Hobbies or AMain level of variety or are you planning on a niche market?

2015.03.25, 10:03 PM
I guess I should have pointed out I'm only doing smaller scales, I have no intentions of being a Tower Hobbies.. I basically cater to smaller scales and Quadcopters both areas I have interest. As for how deep I'm pretty deep look for AtomicMods online and you will see and I'm still entering inventory.

Still working on organization side of things but I'm getting there, Thanks for the input.


2015.03.25, 10:24 PM
If you're planning on drones are you planning on a price point to cater to? If it were me I'd investigate into quality FPV and lipos that don't break the bank to run the things.

Are you planning on micro and mini scales on road as well?

2015.03.25, 10:47 PM
My main objective was to ask a Mini-Z forum what people might be looking for that is not being offered. I carry close to 3000skus so pretty well covered as for parts.

I'm always adding to product lines and yes I have different price points as far as Quadcopters go and have a pretty varied selection.

2015.03.26, 07:43 AM
It would be nice to see some Qteq, Jomurema, and some trp stuff. Since a lot of the shops don't seem to carry it or have not replenished stock in some time. I also hope you were able to work out the issues your local post office was causing you. I would hate to see people get upset based on issues that are out of your control.

2015.03.26, 10:13 AM
This might be a bit complicated (given the previous owner's history) but I recall Cristian Tabush of Reflex Racing looking for someone to take over the rights and manufacturing of their excellent miniz products.

If you could revive their product line I'd be shopping with your site

2015.03.26, 04:35 PM
Thanks for the pointers, I have already had contact with Reflex Racing as well and going over to his track this evening in fact.

2015.03.28, 04:29 PM
would love to see the mb-010 katana chassis come back the carbon fiber one. also maybe a spot for rare and hard to get items dunno if u would want to dabble in the part of the buisness but if u wanted to ocasionally get or buy stock of rare limited or hard to get items i might be interested in buying from a truested source. rare wheels, bodies, parts, no longer made, limited edition etc