View Full Version : FS: autoscales!

2015.03.28, 02:49 PM

new Advan GTR R32: $70
new Ferrari Enzo red: $45
Orange McLaren F1 10/10 condition: $50
yellow Ferrari F430 7.5/10 condition (crack in paint on left front): $30
black Mercedes SLR 9/10 condition (small dings on the front): $40
Toyota AE86 10/10: $50 (not sure where the closed head light cover is, but i can find it)
jade green GTR R34 (cracked and missing right front spoiler): $20

self painted from white bodies:

white/black NSX: $20 (some paint chip on the front, not the greatest work)
black C5R: $30 (detailed with silver decal)
Orange 911 GTS: $40 (painted and displayed) with original wheels

i will upload the photos to my flickr account tomorrow and post them here.

fastest way to reach me for pictures is to email me at frankcwei@hotmail.com OR you can message me here with what you are interested in and your mobile phone number and i will text you with the pics request.

shipping is not included in case anyone wants to pick up multiple autoscales. I am open to negotiate if you are picking up multiples.

keep in mind all of the autoscales are never raced. only used on private track.