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2015.03.29, 01:37 PM
I shot a video of the FlySky GT2($32 on Amazon) paired with an MR-03S.


It was pretty easy to pair though there was no indication that pairing was successful.


With the radio OFF hold the pair button and turn the radio ON
With the car OFF hold the pair button and turn the car ON
Wait 10 seconds
Turn OFF the car then turn OFF the radio
Turn the radio back on then turn the car on
The car should be paired

You can see in the video it's paired but I did not have a chance to run the car though the response looked pretty good. It didn't seem sluggish at all and after I stopped recording I was able to dial in more steering on the radio.

I can't imagine having issues pairing other FlySky 2.4ghz radios.


2015.03.29, 04:11 PM
interested to see what you feel when you run it. I paired a GT3C to the sports chassis and it worked no problem but when I was running the car it was limited in steering and the response was slower than desired. I have it paired to the IT4 now and I'm getting great results with this combo. the radio is nice, but is more expensive. I would say the response is still slower than my ASF boards paired with my Helios radio.

2015.03.31, 11:33 AM

Buy a Mini z Sports and excellent, that nice car.

I have a FS-GT3C control and have synchronized with the car and doing very well, responds like the KT19, the FS-GT3C is much better and more comfortable, I'll leave this.

It was easy to synchronize.



Leveraging the message, question:

I will improve the car, these parts if they would be good:

PN Racing Mini-Z MR02 / 03 98-102mm V4 LCG Motor Mount
PN Racing Mini-Z MR02 / 03 V2 Light Weight 64P Ceramic Ball Diff. set
PN Racing Mini-Z Multi Length Graphite Silver Disk Damper September
PN Racing Mini-Z MR02 / 03 Dual Shock Spring Center in September
PN Racing Motor 50T
4 FETs

Thank you very much for the help.

2015.04.28, 08:36 AM