View Full Version : Asf mr03 syncing problem

2015.04.03, 06:11 PM
Here I go again with another MR03 asf chassis this one is the chassis/transmitter combo brand new.Since I didn't have a body that would fit RM chassis I converted to a MM and used my 458 body,synced chassis to the included KT18 and ran few laps 3 or 4 clicks of left trim and car runs great all stock.Next day I turn transmitter on then chassis no connection light stays red on chassis but no response from transmitter inputs :confused:.So I re synced but this time it took quite few try to get connections (this is going by manual putting transmitter in bind mode pushing up on throttle trim and turning transmitter on then pressing bind and turning chassis on).The odd thing is that this still happens from time to time if I turn car off and then back on I lose connections but the red light stays on every time this happens,the only way I found to get connection back is to remove one battery then reinsert that solves the problem,car works without any issues ones connected I can actually turn transmitter off then back on and no problem.Any thoughts on this odd behavior?

2015.04.03, 09:27 PM
What happens if you bind the newest chassis to your original transmitter? Any issues? Have you attempted a transmitter reset with the newest radio?

2015.04.03, 09:45 PM
Try suggestions by mleemor60, and after a transmitter reset.

2015.04.04, 06:00 AM
Done both already same results.I was running the car with the included and then tried the previous transmitter and experience same issue,resetting both transmitters didn't solve it either.

2015.04.04, 06:22 AM
On the back side of the chassis there are two, one on each side, "000" Phillips screws that retain the power leads from the board to the chassis. make sure they are tight. It's a long shot but check anyway. After that, when car stops operating, wiggle or flick the antennae wire several times while applying throttle(so you know it connected) and or vigorously shake the chassis while doing the same thing. If this makes everything re-connect then there is a good likelihood of a board issue. Consult with your retailer for warranty options.

2015.04.04, 07:23 AM
Well this morning after reading the responses I turn both transmitter and car on and everything was fine even last night after an hour or so playng didn't experience any problem.It took me maybe 10 tries this morning to duplicate problem (on/off chassis/transmitter) the power leads are tight already checked that part when starting having problem,flicking antenna and shaking chassis doesn't bring it back to life red light is always on a simple off/on of the chassis switch brings it back now.One more question that I have is how do you reset chassis to center steering can't find that post I know how to do it on my sports but is different for ASF boards.Thank you guys for the help as always.

2015.04.04, 08:47 AM
Pretty sure it is just a matter of using steering trim to center and then resetting end points.