View Full Version : Go Speed Racer Go!

2015.04.04, 07:51 AM
my son has a busted up audi r8 that is is mostly held together with glue at this point so i decided to do a quick paint job that would distract frmo all the cracks, glue, etc. and quickly settled on the mach 5 as it's only 3 colors, minimal work but in all the right areas i needed to cover up repairs.

nothing fancy, just a bit of quick fun. painted it over the course of two nights after work.

2015.04.04, 09:03 PM
Neat enough for a beater body.

2015.04.04, 09:56 PM
Neat enough for a beater body.

Is this your annual post :p

Yeah cool stuff arch2b.:cool:

Mike Keely
2015.04.05, 08:22 AM
You need to do that paint job on a Enzo.

2015.04.05, 10:55 AM
Cool paint job. I remember seeing an Enzo Mach 5 before too.

2015.04.05, 08:59 PM
i think it's a fun twist for a beater body. got me intrested in possibly doing other speed racer cars... in the mean time, trying to locate the red checkered r8 for michael. even with the added gorilla glue this time, it's likely to break again and next time, may not be repairable given the fracture now runs from bottom of door, diagonally to the mirror.