View Full Version : Chainging MR-03 Sports Main Chassis Set

2015.04.15, 10:06 AM
I hit my car after a straight line today and broke my 599XX adapter. I tried to be cool and tell everyone I was fine and then went home right away. When I got home, I fould out I broke my chassis too...the "front" botton part of chassis is cracked so I must change it.

so when I replace the new chassis (MZ401), will I need to do some welding jobs? Is it difficult to change?

I asked because my club will charge me if I need help to change my chassis. Usually they don't charge anything when I ask them to install things.

2015.04.15, 12:42 PM
No welding or soldering is required, and only a screwdriver is really needed. The chassis should come with instructions, but the exploded view you can find in the MR-03 manual and the kyosho support site can be helpful too. I don't think it's 'hard', but use care when handling the board.

2015.04.15, 07:33 PM
If it uses the coreless servo motor like the current standard asf boards do, you will need a jewelers Phillips screwdriver to get the servo rentention clip out. This is a very small screw and only comes in a dnano replacement screw set as far as I know. Just follow the exploded diagram and be patient with fishing the wires where you need them to go and you'll be fine. If you really need reference, take pics with your phone as you take apart the old one to look back on as your putting the new one back together.