View Full Version : Happy Birthday Mini-Z!

Mrs Mini-Z
2015.04.15, 06:34 PM
Just wanted to wish "mini-z" a Happy Birthday! If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have this gigantic forum community or shop.tinyrc.com (and I probably wouldn't be able to work in my pajamas!). :p Lucky for us that those 10+ years ago he re-kindled his childhood interest in RC cars! Happy Birthday Mini-Z!:cool:

2015.04.15, 07:25 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Didn't know you were the "taxman" as well. It has been a fun journey. Glad i have been able to take it with all of you.

2015.04.15, 07:53 PM
Wish him happy birthday for me ;-)

2015.04.15, 09:25 PM
Happy Birthday!!!!!! :)