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2015.04.17, 09:24 AM
Like the title says I am getting an awd mini z today( and was wondering what are the common upgrades beside bearings. I am aware about shimming differential for proper gear mesh.I currently own couple mr03 so I have spare tires but not sure if I should use wide rear or narrow and what degree front and rear do I need mostly for basement bashing on a homemade foam track,as far as motor I am planning on using kyosho xspeed v but wondering if a pn 50t is ok to use for stock fets.Any thoughts greatly appreciated,I am totally new to the awd scene in this scale (I own few 1/10th scale awd cars and trucks nitro and electric all stock for outdoor bashing).

2015.04.19, 01:27 PM
Looks like this neck of the woods is dead over and out.

2015.04.19, 05:25 PM
Sorry for delay.....ill try to help.
Tires, start out with Kyosho rear 20 slick, 30 front slick.
Motor, both are fine with stock fetts.
As far as hop ups, there are so many variations for AWD. Try the tires etc....and we can go from there.:)

2015.04.20, 08:11 AM
Thanks for the response,I thought the AWD section was dead :confused:.I started using 20 radial back and 30 slick up front since that's what I had in my spare parts bin for my others mr03 cars and so far this thing is a blast to drive :),car with stock motor and gearing feels pretty quick compared to one of my stock mr03s and the handling is better going in and out of corners,with very little sliding making right turns wide open throttle.I ordered ball bearings and was wondering what parts need to be removed for shaft bearing install? I notice that stock motor gets pretty hot :eek: so I let it cool down using a pad/fan that I have every 15 or so minutes running pretty much full throttle most the time gear mesh are good and with motor removed everything feels smooth,would an aluminum motor cover and mounts keep it cooler or changing to a lower gear ratio helps?.I added some lube to the kingpin all around and that stopped the chattering going in to turns.How is the x speed in regards to heat?Thanks.

2015.04.20, 12:05 PM
Heat is pretty common for the awd. A aluminum motor cover will help some. Sounds like you have it handling to your liking. Just check your book when you put bearings on drive shaft. Its a little tricky but book should help.

2015.04.20, 12:17 PM
The car feel pretty good for my type of driving in my basement homemade track:).I looked at the exploded view and looks like board cover needs to come off and maybe board itself ,are shaft bearing necessary?

2015.04.20, 06:06 PM
If it rolls easy without motor and gear mesh......then good but the plastic bushings will wear.

2015.04.20, 08:10 PM
Tonight after changing ratio (17/29 5.97) I did few laps motor was still getting hot and car started to make a noise coming from front end differential,looks like universal shafts are little too weak so I am going to replace all 4 with atomic aluminum is that a good choice?

2015.04.20, 08:33 PM
Yes, any of the good dog bones will work. Stock ones are weak.