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2015.04.19, 12:08 AM
Hello, I bought new transmitter EX-1 sw.3.0. Large fonctions, memory for 40 models. But I have some trouble to set up my cars (MR03, motor MZ09P or MR03VE, motor XPower6500) with this transmitter.
In basic factory set up of transmitter, the car is able to go forward, quite strong "drag brake" (even if in Menu Throttle/DragBrake the Brake is OFF). But car unable go backwards.
So I go to Menu Throttle/Trim. Setting Trim from 0 to F10, the car is well able go forward and backwards. OK. But the innitial "drag brake" is lost.
So I go to Menu Throttle/DragBrake and set Brake value. from 0 to 9% the car is able go forward and back, dragbrake small. Over 9% drag brake starts to be better, but car cannot more go backwards.
So I inhibit DragBrake to 0.
Car again able car going backwards and forwards.
I will try to set up Throttle Brake, because it is too strong, if I use it on track, the car goes into a skid. Factory set of TH-Brake is 100.
With value under 74, the car MR03, motor MZ09P unable to go backwards.
With value under 74, the car MR03VE,motor XPower6500 unable to go backwards and more, it goes automaticaly forward without possibility to stop the car.
So, one fontion of transmitter influences another one...
Can you give me advice, how to set transmitter EX-1 to be able to benefit advantage of its advertised features and functions ? Possible to found somewhere some exemples of typical EX-1 set up ?... Thanks.

2015.04.19, 09:02 AM
Hello i have two of them and i set up the brake at 35 and forward at about 60. I dont use the drag brake. Now on one of them i have to use the brake trim in the forward and backwards setting. Also make sure when you are going back and forth to the track you break your EX1 down. Because the antenna will break and the trigger will to during transport.