View Full Version : 2.4GHz MHS System (Mini-Z Hybrid Spread Spectrum System)

2015.04.26, 08:39 AM
“MHS” (Mini-Z Hybrid Spread Spectrum System) that has a response time that’s four times faster than the ASF systems currently used by other high-end mini-Z chassis.

One additional advantage with the MHS protocol is it allows the transmitter to bind with the receiver very quickly. ASF systems take a little longer to bind in an environment where there’s a lot of radio traffic. The MHS system binds quickly regardless of the conditions.

note: cars with this protocol have RED antenna

Red= MHS
black= ASF
Blue= FHS

this will be updated as further information is available.

2015.04.28, 09:18 PM
4x faster. Wow! I guess I'll be 4x over reactive than I am now with my Mini Z buggy LOL

2015.08.16, 04:38 PM
So does this mean you can adapt a futaba FHS system to this rx?

2015.08.17, 07:38 PM
I doubt the speed increase is worth it. Some people try the new ex1 kiy and go faster with the Helios still :p

So does this mean you can adapt a futaba FHS system to this rx?

I doubt it. If you want to use a futaba system look into the Atomic AMZ, X-power IDT, or DMR MPC (my own little creation :p)

2015.10.02, 03:01 PM
How do you adapt a futaba to these chassis? Curious.

2015.10.03, 06:09 AM
use an aftermarket chassis with micro servo, esc, and reciever of your choice.