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2015.04.30, 03:50 AM
Some tests to visualise the driving lines, what do you think?

Short version


and a complete race


The green car wins, makes very few mistakes. the white car (light blue) is second, very fast but makes many mistakes. I am driving the yellow car. Had good starting position, but couple of really bad mistakes at the start and too many mistakes after also.

2015.04.30, 07:19 AM
This looks amazing!

What is the framerate you used this time?

How much post processing did you need to do, or maybe the question is how many different softwares was needed to achieve this?

2015.04.30, 07:52 AM
My guess is your camera picks up the infrared on the cars transponders.

And for some reason I feel like I'm watching an F1 race? Nah... recovery seems to be too fast for an F1, maybe it's just the speeds. Was this a stock class?

2015.04.30, 04:26 PM
I am not sure if this was Stock or GT modified. the video was taken already long time ago. It seems a bit slow for how we are now driving GT modified :D

I am working to make the process simpler if there is interest for this, now it requires many steps, but everything done in Final Cut Pro.

The video was taken with GoPro at 1920x1080 60P

Edit: It is a GT modified A-final. I did some first trials with that video already 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgZZDVoPFjc , so there has been some progress on my video editing skills too :)

2015.04.30, 07:34 PM
Like i said on social media......nice work! :)

2015.05.05, 01:10 AM

I will put some efforts to get the actual driving lines, speeds, lap times, sector times etc. recognized from the video. If that would be successful it would open totally new possibilities for analyzing a race, fastest laps etc. and also would be great when testing cars and new LeViteZer parts.

No promises on that other than that I will try and that at least visualizing driving lines as on this video is possible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AplhLSG9T6w.

If you have some complete race you would like to have visualized like on the above video in between 0:37 - 0:47 you could contact me via http://www.levitezer.com/contact-form/index.php

I will not do many videos at this time, but could do some interesting one to test. The requirement for the video is that it is taken with fixed camera (the camera must not move at all during the race), preferably high up, so that the track and cars are well visible.

2015.05.05, 10:18 PM
This is one of the most insightful innovations I have seen in mini-z telemetry. And with no additional harware besides a camera and a (powerful) computer...

Basically any relevant measurement (speed, acceleration, decceleration) can be extracted visually from just looking at the video.

It really opens a broad new avenue for those interested in analyzing and understanding performance of rc cars. Congratulations.

2015.05.06, 12:51 AM

It should not require that powerful computer as the analysis is not done realtime.

But lets see what can be done. The advantage indeed would be that no additional HW needed and no additional weight, but telemetry has also its advantages. This one weights less than 10g, is powered from the top connector and stores on SD. It records; 3 axis accelerations and angular speeds and pressure, but some work still to be done on the analysis SW :rolleyes: