View Full Version : Assembling and Painting Body Kits?

2015.05.04, 08:52 AM
Since I can't find the assembled Auto Scales version of the Humvee/Hummer H1 body for the Kyosho Mini Z Overland chassis, I've decided to purchase its kit form and the wheels for it separately since they are not included in the body kit.

I have few (if any) modeling skills, and need advice assembling the kit.

What glue should I use? Normally, I use Testors model glue for assembling kits, but for an R/C model that is likely going to be taking quite a beating, I need something a little tougher, like Super Glue.

I need the most advice for paint, as all the model kits I have been assembled were either pre-painted or molded in color. How should I mask off? How should I paint in the details? Should I use primer, as I plan to paint it matte olive drab? How should I paint the small parts?

Also, I've heard the Hummer/Humvee uses larger wheels than other Overland wheel sets. The only wheels and tires I have are for the Pajero and BMW X5 bodies. Would I have to purchase a different set of tires, as the Hummer H1 wheel set doesn't include tires?