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2015.05.09, 05:23 PM
our track computer runs XP. my home PC runs Win7. i typically copy the datos folder from track to home PC however championship manager at home will not open any saved championships. is there a way to correct this? any files in particular i need to make sure are copied over to get championship manager at home to open the data?

I have a race in particular that the main results html files will not even open on my home PC. i keep getting ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND messages. all others open fine. for some reason this one will not open at home. i double checked the file at the track PC today and it opens fine. copied it again and tried to open at home again and same error message.

any suggestions?

2015.05.10, 12:11 PM
All needed files are under "datos" folder. The html file (ClasificacionFinales.html) for the main results can be regenerated from championship manager if you open the race and view the main results (the view is recomputed and the html rewritten)

It is only regenerated if the race is not "closed" (you can always reopen the race if needed).

Let me know if it work. Regards.

2015.05.10, 12:38 PM
i cannot open the race on my home PC. despite copying over the entire contents of the datos folder, the search nor open championship will find anything. i suspect this is a result of copying over from WinXP to Win7?

if i try to open any of the .rcf files, i get a message that 'this race is gone. you can review lap times or restart the race. continue?' after selecting yes, you get to a screen with the drivers but no laps or times.

i was hopinh i could just copy the datos folder and open everything up in the championship manager at home but that doesn't appear to be working. and i get this odd error in opening the html files for just this one race.

2015.05.11, 04:41 PM
OK. Could you please send me by mail your "datos" folder zipped?

Let me know the affected race name in order to reproduce the issue.

Thanks in advance.

2015.05.12, 06:55 PM
sent you an email with the folder.