View Full Version : 54th shizuoka hobby show 2015

2015.05.14, 11:08 PM
just seen some pics from kyoshosan...

looks like the new thing for the mini-z is the 2015 mr03ve pro edition... and the new tx ex-6 that you have to buy to utilize the full potential of the mr03ve pro edition... anybody know how different this is to the ex-2?

i've also seen pics of initial d cars... and looking at the price 5,500 yen? approx 46$? what's up with that??? i was thinking that since they are initial d cars, maybe they'll have a light set with it???

was hoping that they would be coming out with some other bodies... especially f1 bodies...

i guess they were more focused on making the new platform (mr03ve pro)... maybe next they will move this to the others... awd, buggy, f1... then the bodies...

anybody else got the scoop on the show?:confused::D

2015.05.15, 07:11 AM
The tx and pro have been discussed or at least started in other threads. These items trickled out before the show and already more info in those threads. I'll have to check the web for show info, slipped my mind this year. Thanks for the update ;)